Meet The Team

Tyler Menke

Tyler Menke, Co-Founder

Tyler has 8 years of medical device sales experience, working for 2 S&P companies where he has launched several new products. He is a 2-time top 1% finisher in company sales. He has an MBA from Xavier, University in Cincinnati, OH

Michael Kaser

Michael Kaser, Co-Founder

Michael has 7 years of experience in project management/accounting software consulting. He is a CPA and is wrapping up his MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. He was promoted as a Director after being with his firm for 2.5 years.

Landon Hanser

Landon Hanser, Advisor, ONESCRIPT

Landon saw a need for more user friendly CRM software in the medical field and founded his own CRM software company ONESCRIPT. He is currently preparing to launch. -Visit his site and follow his progress at

Matthew Robben

Matthew Robben, Advisor, DropBox

Matt has been in the tech industry for over 10 years, building products ranging from small line business applications to the world's most widely-used operating system. He jumped into the startup world in 2013 leading development for a company that sold to Dropbox where he still resides today.