Reinventing the way we save you money on Cable + Internet

On average, we have saved users $360/year! Let our expert negotiators take the hassle out of calling your provider.

Step 1. Click Get Started on the homepage.

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Step 2. Answer a few simple questions so we can learn more about your cable + internet usage.

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Step 3. Get your free results. Based on your needs, we display the best package with your current provider and also an alternate provider.


What's next? Let us negotiate on your behalf. The cost? It is free if we can't save you money. Otherwise, all we charge is 25% of the annual savings. You can also switch to save with another provider. Either way you win!

nego and switch

The Benefits? We found that people overpay for services they don't need or have experienced their bill creep up each month and they don't want to make that annoying call. We give you all the tools you need to fix things with your current provider or switch, and we will even make the call for you!